Hi there, I’m glad you found me! 

My name is Chris Conway

and I read minds. 

"What exactly is a Mind Magician!?"

I knew you were going to ask that! So, let me explain. 

I’m sure you’re already very familiar with traditional magicians who use cards, coins and ropes to perform amazing feats of magic.

This type of magic has always been a very popular choice among events through the generations.


However, over the past decade, thanks to people like Derren Brown, there’s been a shift in the style of magic that has become very popular with modern, mature audiences.


Enter the Mind Magician...

Mind magic allows me to combine my love for traditional magic with my passion for Psychology and Sociology to get inside peoples minds. I’ve used my skills to read minds, influence thoughts and predict impossibilities at events all across the country!

Mind magic is less ‘Sleight of Hand’ and more ‘Sleight of Mind’.

Well then, I hope that tells you a little about me  and I hope to hear from you soon! 


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